What we can help you with

Product & Business Design

Our unique combination of both startup builder & top-tier strategic consulting experience enables us to be a thought partner who helps turn your ideas not only into cutting-edge digital products but also into viable businesses

Mobile & Web App Development

Native apps and responsive websites, leveraging the latest technologies, with beautiful design, on all platforms. Enterprise level security, including for clients that allow for convenient offline use (seamless and secure data sync & on-device encryption)

Cutting-edge Technologies

We dedicate 20 to 30 percent of our engineers’ and architects’ time to research fields of cutting-edge technologies, such as AR/VR, Machine Learning, and Big Data

Digital Marketing

In line with our efforts to provide E2E venture building support, we often design & manage marketing campaigns, including writing, directing and designing 3D animated product intro videos

Enterprise Solutions

Our ex-consulting experience provides a deep understanding of corporate processes, typical needs and constraints. This enables us to design & build solutions that are practical, secure and cost-efficient in a large enterprise setting

Settings we can help you in

AGILE (Scrum) Project

  • Industry standard support model
  • Can be used to deliver any kind of digital solution from small apps to large enterprise systems
  • Weekly fees depend on team skill matrix and size, initial budgeting is based on scope aspirations defined together with the client in design sprint / workshop
  • A small team typically consist of 1 product owner, parttime design support and 1-3 engineers, while a large team has 2-3 POs, a full-time designer and 4-8 engineers
  • Extra-large, multi-team setups are also available flexibly
  • IncepTech Product Owners help the client to stay on budget and achieve the best delivery outcome

Fixed scope & team size project

  • Best for smaller projects with very clear specifications
  • Budget is set beforehand based on written specifications and mockups (that can be delivered as part of a design sprint)

Design sprint & product specification workshop

  • Interactive on-site sessions with the client following the ‘Google Design Sprint’ methodology
  • End result is a first prototype for smaller products and a mockup for complex systems in just 5 days (delivered on-the-go)
  • Recommended as a first step of larger projects

Maintenance & Support

  • Per diem-based or fixed price (for longer, on-going support)
  • Kanban approach to track speed and delivery quality

If interested, do not hesitate to request a brochure at info [@] incepteam.com