We at IncepTech deeply believe in meritocracy, which is a philosophy that says advancement should be based on the basis of talent, effort and achievement. Thus, IncepMembers are outstanding performers, who are encouraged to

  1. Be self-conscious of their talents and skills and seek to improve them continuously
  2. Help others grow and provide a candid environment that facilitates growth
  3. Distinguish themselves based on effort and building solutions, not just sit back and observe
  4. Aim for ultimate achievement and realize that it can come in many forms
To accomplish our goals in this spirit we follow 5+1 pairs of principles that all IncepMembers can identify with. These principles form the core of our everyday actions, the specific behaviors and skills we care about the most. Should these principles describe the way you work and people you like to work with, you’re off to a great start to achieve your goals at IncepTech.

Drive & Growth

  • You have an inner drive to deliver value by building quality. You’re not satisfied with merely getting the job done, always going that extra mile. You have a positive mindset that makes you put in the necessary effort, ultimately achieving what you set out to do.
  • You understand that delivering value comes in many forms, including the needs of your client and team necessities, as well as delivering value for yourself.
  • You pro-actively seek opportunities to achieve more, looking for ways to improve yourself and your team, by helping others grow.

Strategy & Efficiency

  • You think strategically, looking at the big picture, incorporating it into your decision-making process.
  • You work hard, but smart - you always aim for the best possible outcome, but understand that resources are limited, thus prioritization is crucial to bring impact (80% of the impact comes from 20% of the tasks at hand).

Innovation & Learning

  • You have the courage to challenge the status quo, something is not necessarily right just because it has been done in a given way for a long time.
  • You do not fear failure, understanding that it is one of the main sources of innovation.
  • You always learn from failure – whether it’s your own or not. You know that utilizing this knowledge when taking the next steps is what innovation is all about.

Integrity & Responsibility

  • You act and speak with integrity, bearing the responsibilities that come with it.
  • You are candid with others and expect the same from them, to foster personal growth.
  • You understand and believe that we can help our clients and ourselves better by attacking hard topics head on no matter who and with what seniority is involved.
  • You feel responsible not only for yourself, but for the achievements and outcomes of your team.

Relationships & Communication

  • You value relationships and are not afraid to rely on others, when necessary.
  • You always communicate in a respectful manner, including the tone of communication, as well as respect for the other party’s time and effort.
  • You aim to convey your message in a clear, concise, but respectful manner.
  • You provide feedback openly, expecting and valuing it yourself, knowing that it helps you and others grow.


  • You enjoy what you’re doing. There is no point doing anything, if you don’t feel good about it, as it is not going to be sustainable.
  • You like to work with people who you would want to spend time with, in and outside of work.
  • You reject the false dichotomy of “work versus life”. Rather than seeing a strict trade-off, you view them as two integral parts of a system, where one part’s challenges and excitements energize the other.